Tatjana Dujmic, M.D. Ph.D.
Child and Adult Psychiatry

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 Dr. Tatjana Dujmic

Dr. Tatjana Dujmic grew up in Croatia, a small Mediterranean country in the heart of Europe known for its natural beauty and 1000 islands. She received her medical training from the University of Zagreb Medical School and graduated summa cum laude in 1992.

The beauty of her homeland was devastated by a war that plagued the country for four years from 1991-1995. During that time Dr. Dujmic worked as an intern on the surgical hospital floor in Zagreb. For her, this was a time of hardship and a time of strength gained from providing support to many families who lost their loved ones. During this turbulent period, she guided her patients on a path of healing through comfort and therapy, choosing her future career as a psychiatrist.

Dr. Dujmic immigrated to the United States in 2000 to follow her dream and pursue a clinical career. Initially, she worked as a researcher at the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University and subsequently continued with pediatric internship at Southern California Kaiser Permanente medical group. Her training continued as a psychiatry resident at Tufts Medical Center from 2005 where she completed the child psychiatry fellowship in 2010. She became board certified in psychiatry in October 2011.

Since November 2017, she has been working as an inpatient psychiatrist at McLean Hospital. In November 2011, she was granted a faculty position at the Harvard Medical School.  As a clinical instructor her duties include training second year medical students interviewing techniques and serving as examiner of OSCE.

As a parent, she believes that a successful balance between personal and professional life is crucial for well-being of children. In this busy life it can sometimes be hard to achieve these goals.  She is dedicating her work as a psychiatrist to those children and families who need help in staying on track in a fast-paced world. After all, as the novelist Wendy Mass says, every child’s soul is a star; it is our duty to make sure they keep shining bright.